Columbia University Chemistry Lab

In 2018 the Arts and Science Chemistry Department at Columbia University selected SGS to fully renovate a lab on the fourth floor of Havemeyer Hall, a national landmark designed by McKim Meade and White that is used as a teaching and research facility. The project was undertaken to accommodate a recent recruit to the university, with the goal of providing dedicated research space and returning the 2,800 sf lab to its highest and best use. The design team closely analyzed the existing conditions and identified a way to capture additional space that was located outside the existing lab area, enabling the department to capitalize on this resource to benefit the project. The reconfiguration provided more storage and support space and improved the layout and design of the main research lab. The program includes a BSL2 tissue culture room, cold rooms, ample bench space for centrifuges, microscopes and other equipment, and multiple fume hoods. It also includes a “future hires” space, which was conceived of as a separate lab but one that, if necessary, could also function as an annex to the main lab space.

Columbia University Chemistry Lab 1
Columbia University Chemistry Lab 2
Columbia University Chemistry Lab 3
Columbia University Chemistry Lab 4

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